Active shooter drill at Seminole County Tax Collector office

It may not be common to expect an active shooter drill at the tax collector’s office, but Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg said he believes in not only training his staff to expect anything, but to arm them as well. 

In his offices, employees are allowed to bring a concealed carry weapon inside. For the purposes of drill, those weapons were left at home. 

Even though it was just a drill, employees inside the Seminole County Tax Collector’s office did not know when or where an active shooter would appear. 

“The first time the shots came, I just ran,” Office manager Paula Prevatt said. 

Others hid and one employee fought back.

“Run, hide or fight scenario,” Juan Saavedra, the man portraying an active shooter said. “Fighting being the last option if you have no other way or avenue in the active shooter situation.”

Training like this is meant to teach employees to always be ready for anything.

“I am grateful that we are going through the training,” Prevatt said. “Yes, it was very scary even though it was just simulated. I pray that this won’t happen if it does maybe my people will be trained.” 

For any real threats the staff won’t just be ready, they’ll be armed. 

“Anyone that has a concealed weapons permit based on the concealed weapons laws in the state of Florida is authorized by the tax collector,” said Chris Anderson, the Chief Investigations Officer for the Seminole County Tax Collector. 

Employees said while they hope nothing like this happens in real life, this training has taught them to always evaluate the quickest way to escape when they enter a room.