'A gift from God': Apopka mom spent Mother's Day in quarantine while recovering from COVID-19

An Apopka mother spent Mother's Day in quarantine while recovering from COVID-19. 

Danielle Emde tested positive for COVID-19 and was fighting for her life at AdventHealth Orlando for more than a week.

The Apopka mother has been home since April 9.

She hasn't had two negative COVID-19 tests in a row yet, so she's been quarantined to her bedroom and back patio since she's been back.

Her two sons cooked breakfast for her this Mother's Day and they ate at a distance in their backyard. 

"I am so grateful that I am here," Emde said. "I know there are stories that aren’t like that and it makes me sad for them, but I think it’s amazing I had great healthcare and I was able to be here on Mother’s Day with my boys even though I’m not with them." 

Emde hasn't been able to go near or touch her family.

She's been keeping a far distance from them and has not shared space with them. 

"I stay in my room and I go on my back porch, but I haven’t been able to touch anyone, or hug my kids, my husband, or my cats," Emde said. "It’s just me by myself."

While this Mother's Day wasn't what Emde was expecting, she says she's thankful. 

"This Mother’s Day is probably one of the most meaningful Mother’s Day for me because I’m here," Emde said. "There’s a chance I may not have been and I know it was very real for them when they see me on videos intubated. It’s scary."

Emde says she is grateful to be in her home and is hoping to get better soon. 

"It’s just a privilege to be here and to be breathing," Emde said. "It’s a gift from God for me."