99-year-old woman uninjured after large tree fell on home

A 99-year-old Orlando woman was forced out of her home on Sunday after a tree fell on it.

The Orlando Police Department tweeted out photos of the large tree and its destruction on the home, located on Bentley Street.

Police say the woman, fortunately, suffered no injuries because she was in a backroom when the tree fell.

Dorothy Peterson had lived in the home since 1948. Her niece, Meroy Charles, who lives next door, also had damage to her home because of the tree.

“I ended up with a hole in my roof,” she said. “The trees are over 100 years old. That house is my great grandparents' house, so I’m thinking just because of aging, that the limbs are starting to go on those trees.”

(Courtesy: Orlando Police Department)

Peterson is now staying with long-time friend Jeff Weibel. Monday, Weibel gave FOX 35 News an update on how Peterson is doing.

“She’s great. We had breakfast this morning.  She had Cheerios and bananas, and then I met her physical therapist here [at Peterson’s home]. He’s going to be coming to the house Wednesday.”

According to Weibel, Peterson said she was in her bathroom when she heard a huge crack around 7 a.m.

“The tree hit right above her bedroom. The ceiling is on her bed right now. She stood there and said she tried to process things,” he said. “I am so happy that she is alive. It’s crazy that she was in the one place that didn’t get crushed. She knows it wasn’t her time.”

The home is a total loss and will have to be demolished. Weibel said the neighborhood will certainly miss Peterson, but if they want to see her, she is only down the street.

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