9 Downtown Orlando bars are suing the state, call the shutdown 'unconstitutional'

The owners of nine bars in Downtown Orlando are suing state leaders in Tallahassee.

“We’re serving the governor and Mr. Bershears today and hopefully we can get 'a just looking it at it as soon as possible,'” attorney John Dill told FOX 35 News.

Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida’s Secretary of the Department of Professional Business Regulation were served with a lawsuit filed by the owner of nine Downtown Orlando bars. 

“Hopefully we can get a judge to look at it quickly,” Dill said. 

The lawsuit claims it’s unconstitutional that the state shut down all bars again on June 26. 

“My clients have had in place protocols, social distancing protocols, written guidelines. It seems unfair that they have to shut down when a restaurant two doors down that has a bar that’s fully open,” Dill said.

The shutdown of all bars in Florida came just days after the state pulled the liquor license at Knight’s Pub near UCF after dozens of workers and bar-goers tested positive for COVID-19 just days after the state allowed bars to reopen. 

“A couple bad apples and thousands of mom and pop business are shut down and can’t make a living,” Dill said. 

Dill made it clear that his clients are not suing for money. 

“We just want this rule to be modified so they can open back up and practice social distancing. Masks, everything that is required,” Dill said.

Every day these doors stay closed and barstools remain empty is costing them big money. 

Dill says his clients followed the state’s mandates with capacity levels, social distancing and having customers wear masks.

Their frustrated, saying if every other business sector is open, then bars should be too. 

“There’s nothing about the fact that they’re serving alcohol as opposed to a certain amount of food that makes that more susceptible to the spread of COVID-19,” Dill said.

In the filing Dill asked for an emergency hearing on this lawsuit, so he’s hoping a judge takes a look at it this week. 

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