3 injured when storm damages Cocoa Beach Pier

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Authorities say three people were injured and significant damage was done to the Cocoa Beach Pier, following a fast-moving storm.

According to Cocoa Beach firefighters, the storm rolled in around 4 p.m. and the section of the bear was  evacuated when winds blew a canopy off a covered area of the Broadway Bar and Grill.

"It came out of nowhere!" said Kevin Brongers, a visitor from The Netherlands.  

Brongers explained that he and others took shelter under the pier after some lightning strikes. As the wind picked up, he said it blew sand and umbrellas around and people began to run for cover. 

"Then the roof came off, hitting some people who were running. They didn't see it coming. It hit them from the back. It was insane!" Brongers added.

Brevard County Emergency Management Director Kimberly Prosser says a "microburst" swept through the area with winds between 50 and 60 miles per hour. 

Pier visitors were evacuated from the structure. The pier's owner, Westgate Resorts, says the pier is closed to the public while officials assess the damage.