2 dead, 1 recovering after drive-by shooting in Titusville neighborhood

Titusville Police say two young people are dead and another is recovering after a drive-by shooting on 3rd Street late Wednesday evening.  

"I got a call, and it said Teressa got shot last night. I said, ‘Where?’ Somewhere on 3rd or 4th street.  I said 'No!" Nathaniel Henry told FOX 35 News.  

He is heartbroken. He showed up at the scene of the crime as soon as he heard.  As a former law enforcement officer, he says he had to see for himself. 

"Teressa is my grandbaby. I don’t know what’s going on somebody needs to find out what’s going on," Henry said.

Titusville Police say the shooting happened around 10 Wednesday night.  Neighbor Lola Simmons says the chaos startled her. 

"Just ‘Boom, boom, boom, boom!’ And it just startled me. And I woke up out of my sleep and dived on the floor," Simmons said.

Family members of the victims say 25-year-old Teressa Henderson was outside when she was shot in front of the duplex, and that 17-year-old Drayontai Mason was sitting on the couch in the house playing video games when a bullet struck him in the head.  Those two were rushed to the hospital by ambulance where they died.  Investigators say a 3rd victim, an 18-year-old man, drove himself to the hospital. 

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Simmons says it was a heartbreaking scene. 

"I came back out again and that’s when I saw the kids running around the building, saying someone named Teressa had been shot. They kept calling for their mom. They just kept running back and forth running back and forth and then the other lady had her door open and said that her son had been shot," Mason.

Henry says the violence has to stop.  

"It’s a shame that these peoples are walking around here shooting up these children for whatever reason. I don’t care what it’s for drugs or what. I don’t care no more, but I’m tired of you killing my family.  Leave my family alone," Henry said.

Titusville Police say it’s too early in the investigation to say whether this drive-by shooting was random or targeted.  The duplex where the three victims were shot was the only home on the street riddled with bullets.

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