10-foot 'very well fed' boa constrictor found loose in Florida neighborhood

Credit: St. Lucie Co. Sheriff's Office

Well, here's something you hope you don't see every day!

The St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office shared photos on Facebook of a massive 10-foot, 75-pound boa constructor that was reportedly found in the Tall Pines neighborhood on Friday.

Viewers couldn't help but comment on the snakes plump size.

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"That's a very well-fed boa. I'd guess 100% it was a pet," one person commented. 

"That thing is not starving. You’re brave," said another.

"Chonker didn’t miss any meals."

"That's a big boy!"

The sheriff's office thanked the deputy who helped with the capture on what just happened to be National First Responders Day.

"Thank you for everything you do for our community, especially when it involves a large reptile."