Warmer days ahead for Central Florida by the weekend!

Well, unless you live under a rock, you know that Central Florida temperatures haven't been all that warm. Cool temps have been prevalent both day and night, heavy jackets and sweaters replacing flip flops and shorts. Things are looking up though as we draw closer to the weekend and warmer air is on the way. A storm system currently located over Arizona will begin moving East later today and tonight. Warmer temperatures are now streaming into the mid-section of the Country on surging Southerly winds in advance of the front, bringing a welcomed thaw from Texas through Nebraska. Floridians can also expect a wind shift to the South ahead of the approaching system, drawing warmer air into the State by late Thursday into Friday and Saturday. Highs will top off at 80 degrees both Friday & Saturday afternoon with plentiful sunshine. A few showers will accompany the system as it finally moves through on Saturday night into Sunday. Cooler air and a high near 75 can be expected on Sunday.