Veterans Day Outlook

Right now it appears that the next strong cold front will sweep the area late Friday and allow for some pleasant weather to move into Central Florida for the weekend and Veterans Day!  The driest air will settle in for Sunday but with a small area of low pressure forming offshore it should be enough to keep our winds coming in from the north and keep our temps and rain chance in check.  We may end up with a few showers, but nothing heavy or long lasting.

The latest GFS model shows a cold-snowy scenario for our friends up north with Florida located just on the edge of the coolest air.  There will be some clouds on Veterans Day due to a NNE wind that will bring ashore a shower or two.  

The morning temperature will be in the 60's with a few showers possible.  During the afternoon the breeze will kick in from the NE and allow a few showers to form and move ashore.  Temperatures will be comfortable with highs in the mid-upper 70's.  GR