Orlando weather: Hot, humid and stormy afternoons in Central Florida


More of the same for Central Florida this weekend: hot, humid and stormy afternoons. Highs will climb into the low 90s with feels like temps in the low 100s before storms develop by early afternoon. Scattered to numerous storms are expected in inland areas from 2-7 pm. Any storm could bring torrential rain, frequent lightning, and strong wind gusts. Rain chances should drop off by dinner time with dry weather into the night. Expect the same for Sunday. Looking ahead into next week, our forecast remains very summer-like with likely storms each afternoon and highs into the upper 80s to low 90s.


The tropics are alive and well in late June. Tropical Storm Beryl formed Friday night in the Central Atlantic and is forecast to become a rare June hurricane heading towards the Lesser Antilles. Over unusually warm Atlantic waters, it could intensify into a strong hurricane and impact the Caribbean islands early next week.  There is higher confidence in its path through the first part of next week, but becomes more uncertain as it heads into the western Caribbean. Most models weaken it as it runs into high wind shear and keeps it heading to the WNW. While impacts to the US are looking unlikely for now, we will continue to monitor. Meanwhile, just behind Beryl, another tropical wave has a decent chance to become another named system and may become "Chris" sometime next week. It is forecast to follow the path of Beryl. The disturbance in the western Caribbean will drift into Mexico this weekend with little fanfare other than more rain. It has a small window to become a tropical depression.
Overall, our summer wet season is in full swing and earlier forecasts for an extremely busy hurricane season are in the early stages of coming to fruition.