Next round of chilly Florida weather reloads next week!

Cold weather lovers in Florida unite!! After a run of unseasonably warm weather heading into the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, temps come crashing down early next week. The Pacific Ocean is quite stormy right now and storms impacting the Western United States on Thanksgiving Day will eventually make it into the Eastern U.S. including here in the Sunshine State. As these potent pockets of energy stream across the Central part of the Country, they grab the cold air dropping South out of Canada. Eventually these cold front pass across Florida with stronger North wind flow, funneling in colder air that most Floridians will feel from the Panhandle South to Miami Beach. The coolest period of time appears to be both Monday and Tuesday. Afternoon temps will hover in the low-mid-60s, overnights and early morning temps will likely trim back into the 30s & 40s. Temperatures in Florida should begn creeping back up as winds shift in off the ocean by next Wednesday.