Monday's Central Florida high temperatures reach record levels; another hot day Tuesday

Well, if you thought Monday afternoon in Central Florida felt exceptionally hot, you're spidey senses do not deceive you! It was sizzling out there.

In fact, several Central Florida cities broke existing high-temperature records.

Orlando, Leesburg, Daytona Beach, Sanford, Melbourne and Titusville all made the record highs list.

Factor in the humidity and dewpoint temperatures close to 70 degrees and it felt more like the 101-106 degree range at times.

A front remains stalled near the Florida-Georgia border and south of the front, humidity and moisture continue to gather.

This simply means that another hot day is likely again for Tuesday.

Expect the low-mid 90s in most cases with a feels-like or heat index closer to 100 degrees during the afternoon.

Best rain chances will be across northern Central Florida, closer to the front.

Scattered storms will be possible late in the day on Tuesday closer to Orlando.

Coverage is at 30 percent or less.