Christmas Day, 2019

Christmas Day is Wednesday, December 25. 

Normals for Orlando on December 25 are a high temperature of 72 and a low of 51.  Typical rainfall for the date averages at 0.08", meaning high likelihood of no rain or a light shower on a typical Christmas Day.

In 1983, Christmas saw a high of only 36 and a low of 21.  During the 1980s, several Arctic outbreaks invaded Central Florida, with widespread sub-freezing temperatures.  Christmas Day, 1989, saw a high of only 49 and a low of 23 in Orlando after a snow and ice storm impacted much of North and North-Central Florida.  The coolest 'recent' Christmas Day was in 2014, when the high temperature topped at 64 degrees. 

In 2015, Christmas Day saw a high of 86, with numerous other years highs reaching 80-84 degrees.  Since 1950, the only Christmas with more than 2/3" of rain was in 1997, where 1.74" of rain fell in Orlando. 

For 2019, our forecast calls for a high of 76 degrees in Orlando on Christmas Day, after starting in the low-mid 60s.  There are some light showers possible on Christmas Day, but most will remain dry.  We'll update this forecast through the next few days.