Central Florida is experiencing near-record heat

Central Florida is experiencing near-record heat this weekend.

Unseasonably warm temperatures are in the air, as the weekend experiences highs in the low-to-mid 80s throughout Central Florida. Overnight lows will reach just into the high 60s and low 70s with no cooldown expected over the next few days. Warm temperatures are expected to last throughout the week, with milder temperatures possibly arriving much later in the week. 

The record temperature in Orlando for January 11 is 86 degrees, which was set in 2014. The record temperature in Orlando for January 12 is 85 degrees, which was set in 1972. This means that Orlando could break a record on Sunday for high temperatures.

Sea winds have calmed, meaning humidity will enter into the region as well. With this will come increased fog, especially in fog-prone areas, where this could become a significant issue. As soon as the fog lifts, warm temperatures will rise.

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Rain also will not be much of an issue in the coming days. Sunday could see some passing showers along the A1A (Satellite Beach, Sebastian Inlet, Melbourne Beach) but they will be brief and light. FOX 35 meteorologist Brooks Tomlin says "give it five, ten minutes and it'll be done."

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