Looking for cheap flights? You'll want to avoid the 'Do Not Fly Days' of 2020

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There are cheap days to fly in the New Year, and then there are the expensive days. And knowing which is which can save you a bundle.

But before we get into specific seasons and dates, remember that you can usually save something year-round if you're diligent about comparing fares and seeking out the best deals.

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Aside from that, these are the travel dates you'll want to avoid for the sake of your bank account.

Do Not Fly Days -- January and February

  • Feb. 14 to 17: These days are going to be a little pricier than the dates surrounding them, because of the one-two punch of Valentine’s Day, on. Feb. 14, and the long weekend (for some, at least) before President’s Day, between Feb. 15 and 17.
  • Feb. 29: On or around the last day of February is when the cheapest fares of winter usually come to an end, and slightly higher prices begin.
  • Europe: No dates to avoid.

Cheapest time to fly in January and February: All the other days will have better fares, but Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday flights will have the biggest bargains.

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Do Not Fly Days -- March, April, May

  • Fridays and Sundays: Starting in March, these popular days to fly get more expensive; frugal flyers are better off flying on Saturday.
  • March 26 and May 14: This only applies to flights heading to Europe, so watch for a price hike.

Cheapest time to fly in March, April and May: During these months, the cheapest days to fly are usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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Do Not Fly Days -- June, July, August, September

  • June 4 (and beyond): This is the first significant price hike for summer fares; if possible, finish up your trip by June 3.
  • June 22 to August 24: Late June through the third week in August is peak-pricing for summer; fly before or after and you'll save.
  • July 15 and again around Aug. 11: This applies to Europe. Prices drop July 15 and again around Aug. 11.

Cheapest time to fly in June, July, August, September: September generally has good deals for U.S. and European airfare. For fares to Europe, prices tend to drop most noticeably around July 15 and again around Aug. 11.

Bottom Line

Winter is cheapest, followed by fall and spring. Summer, especially July, is generally far and away the most expensive time to fly. But even summer can be made cheaper by flying unpopular days (midweek and Saturday) and unpopular routes (connecting flights are sometimes much cheaper).

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Here’s hoping your new year is filled with travel bargains.