Manatee raising rare twin calves at Blue Spring State Park

Researchers have confirmed a manatee mother is raising twin calves at Blue Spring State Park. Manatee twins are incredibly rare, they said. The Save the Manatee Club has been tracking their mother, Estelle, and her visits to Blue Spring since 2019. Both calves are In good health.

Florida wildlife officials make manatee preparations for next winter

After providing more than 200,000 pounds of lettuce to starving manatees because of depleted seagrass beds in state waters, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Executive Director Eric Sutton said Tuesday efforts are already underway to prepare for next winter.

Manatee feeding efforts could resume next winter

State and federal wildlife officials anticipate they might again have to provide lettuce to manatees gathering in Florida waters next winter. However, as manatees continue dying at a higher-than-normal pace, officials hope to stop the unique trial feeding program before it becomes a long-term solution or the sea cows become dependent on it.