Manatees may become endangered species soon

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service made them a threatened species back in 2017. Now, the federal agency says they may have acted too soon. From starvation and boat collisions to climate change, experts say Florida’s beloved sea cows are in trouble.

How glitter tubes are dangerous for manatees

A local group dedicated to protecting the manatees in Florida is warning swimmers not to bring those glitter-filled inflatable tubes to the springs as they're dangerous -- and possibly deadly -- to the manatees.

Manatee raising rare twin calves at Blue Spring State Park

Researchers have confirmed a manatee mother is raising twin calves at Blue Spring State Park. Manatee twins are incredibly rare, they said. The Save the Manatee Club has been tracking their mother, Estelle, and her visits to Blue Spring since 2019. Both calves are In good health.