Warren Sapp returns to share hIs passion for the game

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When Warren Sapp speaks, players listen. Especially when he's sharing knowledge that got him into the NFL Hall of Fame. Sapp is back in Tampa for a few days, but with no intentions of jumping into full-time coaching.

"No, hours are too long and I just couldn't imagine a head coach or a defensive coordinator yell at me in some kind of fashion," smiled Sapp. "This is the best way for me to do it. Get it to them in bits and pieces for an hour, hour and a half. They'll grab whatever they can grab and incorporate it into their football game. Maybe it will make them a better football player."

At 44, Sapp's passion for the game is unmatched. The Buccaneers who attended his camp know they're learning from the best to ever play his position.

"I was in the middle of an NFL game and a guy was holding me and I looked at the ref and said, 'Hey, that's holding. He said, 'Grow up.' So once you get told that in the National Football League, you must find a way to get to the quarterback. I'm just trying to give them little tools here and there with a little encouragement."

Sapp hasn't changed a bit. He's as real as when he played.

"He's very animated," said Bucs defensive tackle Clinton McDonald. "He's no different than when he was playing. So far as animation and his energy. His excitement. It's just a great opportunity to have him around and learn from one of the great ones."

"It's amazing," said Bucs Defensive Tackle George Johnson. "Just to watch a guy come back and still talk to guys. Some guys just leave the game and forget about it. For him to come back.  He loves the game that much. He loves pass rush that much. He has a passion for it. To bring it out to us and to put that passion to us, is just amazing."

Since retiring in 2008, Sapp has made himself available to any Buccaneer who wants to listen and do the work. He's especially excited for this season. Sapp sees a lot of similarities between the 2017 Bucs and the team he helped turn into Super Bowl Champions.

"If this team gets into the playoffs with that quarterback [Jameis Winston] and if that defense decides to bite," smiled Sapp. "Come on man, come on man! We will be bringing home our second Lombardi Trophy. It will be another nice parade down Florida."