UF football coach wants to 'pack the Swamp' at home games

The University of Florida (UF) said it has no plans to change fan capacity at its football stadium after a coach called for no limitations.

After losing to No. 21 Texas A&M Saturday, Gator Football Coach Dan Mullen called for the University’s administration to change its policy. 

“That crowd was a major factor in the game,” Mullen said about Texas A&M’s win. “So, I certainly hope our university administration follows the governor. Our governor passed a rule that we're allowed to pack the swamp. We have 90,000 in the swamp to give us that home-field advantage Texas A&M had today [Saturday].”

Medical professionals like Dr. Todd Husty said despite the governor’s clearance, Florida is not ready for mass gatherings like football games. 

He believes such events could result in increased transmissions locally and from state to state, noting many people travel to see games. 

“People are going to go back home and have no idea they got exposed, so they’ll be contagious before they get symptoms... so they have no idea they’re exposing other people, and that’s how this thing gets out of hand,” he said.

In a statement, a media representative from UF said the school has “no plans to change from our current 20% fan capacity.”

The school has not made a statement about Coach Mullen’s comments directly.