Reuben Foster: New domestic violence-related police body cam video

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Santa Clara police released police body camera video and a police report from an October domestic violence call involving former San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster. 

Foster, 24, recently cut from the team after a similar Tampa Bay incident, was controversially signed by the Washington Redskins and is currently inactive. 

According to police, the incident just after 11 p.m. on the night of October 12,  involved Foster and a woman who said she was dating him. 

WATCH: Santa Clara Police Department body cam video 

The 28-year-old woman is named Elissa Ennis in the police report. On the body cam video, Foster said Ennis was “calling girls” on his phone, which is what apparently started the argument. 

Foster never issued a statement to police and Ellis said in her statement to police that the argument was only verbal. 

911 calls from a neighbor who said he lived in the building were also released. 

“I am a neighbor. I am hearing loud noise. Someone is being banged through the wall or something. You know, lots of…a girl is crying. I don’t know what’s happening. Mainly shouting, yelling,” the neighbor told dispatch.  

The neighbor added it has been the second or third time he has heard this happening. On a previous occasion, the neighbor said he had called apartment security, but that they didn’t pick up. He told dispatch this argument lasted 10 to 15 minutes. 

The neighbor said he was unaware of who they were, but said they were new to the apartments located at 4500 Carlyle Court, not far from Levi’s Stadium.  

In the body-cam video, Foster is seen, being questioned by police. He tells police he and his girlfriend were “just arguing.” 

The police report states Foster didn’t want police to enter his home, but the video shows he eventually gave police permission to enter the premises. 

At one point, police told Foster to stay outside and to let his girlfriend outside so they could speak with her. The woman emerges from the apartment and is visibly distraught. 

Foster tried to talk his way back towards his apartment at which point police threaten to put him in handcuffs if they have to remind him to follow their instructions. Foster and police continue to argue before he is handcuffed. 

Police attempted to question neighbors, but no one responded. The reporting party eventually gave police a statement consistent with the 911 call, but they said they couldn't make out what was specifically being said.  

Officers took photos of both parties involved. The report said they both had "lack of injuries." Foster was eventually released with no further incident.