Police: Giants fan torched Bucs' giant flag

A group of fans picked up where their Buccaneers left off Sunday, chasing someone in a Giants jersey who was torching their team -- well, their team flag, anyway.

According to Tampa police, a 32-year-old man scrambled over a fence outside the Bucs' facility Sunday evening and used a lighter to try to set the flag on fire.

"The suspect fled on foot wearing a NY Giants Jersey with a number 10 on it, with a group of Buccaneers fans chasing behind him," the report continued.

Some of the fans called 911, bringing police to the scene -- but not before the flag, valued at $26,000, suffered "significant damage," according to a police report.

"I walk to and from school -- this is my usual track here -- and I see this flag. If it were to be gone, that would be my history, my little slice of 'Yes! At least I know where I come from,'" witness Angel Huertas offered.

When police caught up with the man, later identified as Daniel Raboni of North Palm Beach, they say he was carrying a small amount of marijuana.

Raboni remains behind bars on charges of felony criminal mischief and possession of marijuana.

"We're talking about someone's property.  It's a business. No one has the right to destroy someone's property, and it is a zero tolerance," police spokesperson Andrea Davis stated.

"I'm not saying get the rope," Huertas continued, "but can I punch him one time?"