Orlando Magic Coach Jamahl Mosley makes surprise appearance at youth basketball camp

Kids at the Orlando Magic Youth Basketball Camp got a special surprise on Thursday.

Magic Head Coach Jamahl Mosley popped in during their early morning session. Mosley has a very hands-on approach when it comes to coaching. That’s exactly what the kids got during the different drills.

"Being able to be out there and help them understand exactly how to do things and not just talk about it. But be able to show them and lead by example more than anything," Mosley said.

It was an unforgettable experience for these kids to get one-on-one attention Mosley. They said they learned a lot, and they’ll take those lessons with them moving forward.  

"The experience and everyone coming around coach and him just telling us how to be better people in general," camper Trevor Miller said. "I learned how to be a good teammate and all around, step my game up."

This week the Orlando Sportsplex is home to one of several youth camps hosted by the Magic.

It brought dozens of boys and girls of all ages. Even though Mosley coaches at basketball’s highest level, he knows the foundation starts when players are young.

"As they get older and older, they’re rooted in their fundamentals. They’re rooted in the right way to play basketball. They do such a great job here, the coaches." Mosley said.