Now that the Warriors are playing the Raptors, how do you really pronounce Toronto?

As the Warriors begin Game 1 of the NBA Finals Thursday night in a foreign county, it’s about time we all learned how to properly pronounce the name of the city they’re playing in.

But it seems like Canadians don’t even know how to pronounce Toronto. (Is itT Tor-ron-toe? Toronno? Churrano?) 

How do you pronounce Toronto? 

A study conducted by a data visualization firm asked 9,500 English-speaking Canadians how to say it, confirming no one really knows. 

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf wagers with Toronto mayor

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, whether she knew it or not, pronounced Toronto two different ways when she told reporters earlier this week that she was going to bet Toronto Mayor John Tory some Blue Bottle Coffee and BBQ sauce from Everett Jones, sure that the Warriors would take home the win. (He's wagering some Canadian beer.) 

"This is going to get really intense," she said. 

KTVU's Sara Zendehnam contributed to this report.