Lake Brantley twins, UCF commits, shine on defense

Lake Brantley senior linebackers Andrew and Michael Harris are a packaged deal. The twin brothers played soccer and ran track together growing up in Jamaica, now they'll play football at the University of Central Florida next year. 

"It means a lot honestly because you don’t have someone that’s exactly like you and thinks the same like you and that moves the same exactly like you," Andrew Harris said.  "It’s just crazy. I never thought we’d come like this far.

Andrew and Michael were introduced to football in their freshmen year of high school. It was their defensive coach, who taught them the ins and outs of the game.           

"I didn’t even know what a linebacker, quarterback. I didn’t even know a kicker. That’s the thing," Michael Harris said. 

The learning curve was steep for the Harris twins, but they were naturals. 

"It put us in the position where he thought we were linebackers. So he put us there, and I didn’t know what to do. All he told me and my brother was to run real fast and to hit," Michael Harris said. 

UCF already has a history of recruiting twins. 

Former Knights Shaquille and Shaquem Griffin and current players Ja'Cari and Demari Henderson also decided to play alongside their brothers.

It'll make the transition from high school to college ball a little easier for the Harris brothers. 

"If I don’t know nothing and running the play and I forget the play. I know for a fact we’re going to both run to the ball. If I miss a tackle he's going to be there. It's fun," Michael said.