9-year-old boy surprised with Super Bowl tickets

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The New York Giants aren’t playing in the Super Bowl this year, but the team is sending one young fan to the game because of his incredible community service. 

Jayden Perez saw the devastation left behind after Hurricane Maria, and he wanted to donate toys to children who didn’t have anything. 

“When I just saw how bad hurricane Maria destroyed my country, it made me really sad, so I just wanted to donate as much as I can to help them out,” said Perez.

So, Jayden started collecting toys for children.

“We thought we would get like 200 toys but we got 1,100 toys,” said Perez. 

Then, Perez and his family visited Puerto Rico to hand out the toys, clothing, and supplies to hurricane victims.

“With my birthday money, I went to Petco and bought some dog food and cat food,” he said.

On top of helping hurricane victims, Jayden also speaks at schools to stop bullying.

“I was bullied myself and I didn't like it, and so I wanted to stop it,” said Perez. He talked to his mom about stopping bullying at his school, and he’s now spoken to students at two schools about spreading kindness.

“He was bullied in kindergarten,” said Perez’s mother Ana Rosado. “He has a different ear, it's pointed and they used to call him 'Elf.'”

But Jayden never let the bullies stop him from doing good.

“I wanted to inspire more people in my generation to help out,” Perez said.

The New York Giants heard about his work and invited Jayden to practice with them. Jayden had no idea the surprise they had in store.

“So my head’s already thinking like, ‘Wow, I met Odell, I met the whole team,’ but then they said Super Bowl tickets, but then when Pat Shermer gives me the Super Bowl tickets, I’m just like ‘What?’ and it’s just crazy,” said Perez.

“I always tell Jayden, ‘When you bless someone, you will be blessed double and he always has that on his mind,” said Perez’s mother Ana.

Jayden said even though his Super Bowl tickets are unbelievable, his biggest blessing is the chance to help others.

“Doing good is the best thing to do,” said Perez.