Woman with Parkinson's disease gets nasty note on car at Bucks County store

A woman with an accessible parking placard on her car was met with a nasty note after shopping inside a local Walmart.

Stacie Barlow, of Levittown, does not let her Parkinson's disease get her down. The mother of seven was taken aback last Thursday after someone left a hateful note on a napkin on her car in the Tullytown Walmart parking lot while she was inside.

"My daughter saw the note first and was like, 'Oh my God,' you know," she told FOX 29.

The note said, 'You are not disabled' with the word 'PIG' written in capital letters.

Stacie has the accessible parking placard because of her Parkinson's disease and was parked in the sixth row parking spot by the store's front door.

"Why would you say that just because you saw me walk into the store because I didn't have a wheelchair or a walker?" Stacie said. "Just because you saw somebody walking, doesn't mean everything is okay."

Stacie says when she got home, she also noticed the car had been keyed. Her fiance, who a few weeks earlier rescued her from inside the Walmart after her legs cramped up to the point where she could not walk, posted what happened on Facebook.

The post has since been shared thousands of times. Stacie says the response has restored her faith in people.

"I got so many private messages from people offering to stay with my car, take me to the store, so it was really nice," she explained.

She received another note this week from her 7-year-old daughter, Ryleigh. The kind of note you want to get. It said, 'Love you so much.'

"She got a mean note and I wanted to make her feel better by giving her a nice note," Ryleigh said.

She is hoping some good can come from this and people won't be so quick to judge others.