Woman swings baseball bat as fight breaks out at SE Houston apartment complex

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Police say what started as a fight caught on social media between three teenage girls escalated into what's now being investigated as an aggravated assault.

It happened around 6:45 p.m. Monday evening at the Park Houston Apartments off MLK Blvd in southeast Houston.

In the video, taken by a witness on scene, you see one of the girls taking a baseball bat and swinging it several times at a man, hitting him in the process.

The man has been identified by investigators as 28-year-old Samuel Lee Smith.

FOX 26 spoke to Smith Tuesday afternoon on the phone and he said he now has a lump on his arm from being hit, and that he does intend on pressing charges.

Houston police say Smith is an uncle to one of the girls and was trying to break up the fight by hiding his 18-year-old niece inside his apartment.

That's when police say the other two girls, a 16- and a 20-year-old, continued to confront Smith.

Smith then began punching the girl and the crowd in the parking lot got involved, turning it into a brawl.

Investigators say everyone on scene refused treatment from Houston Fire Department, but minor injuries were reported.

At this time no charges or arrests have been made.

Police tell FOX 26 this may be considered a mutual combat situation, however, the incident does remain under investigation.