Woman suing after injury at mud racing event

A summer evening at a monster truck race turns into a disaster for a Central Florida woman. 

Alyssa Wright is suffering from a brain injury after a monster truck crashed at a Bithlo Mud Racing event in late June.  Wright, 21, was sitting beside the track when the truck crashed into the fence, flipped over and landed near the crowd. 

"She was clipped by the truck, so it threw her," said her mother Belinda Wright. 

Now, Alyssa is in a rehab facility, learning to cope with the aftermath of traumatic brain injury.  She is suing, claiming the people that put on the even failed to make sure there were proper barriers. 

"It looks like they've spent very little money and time putting up barriers to protect the spectators from the racing surface and the racing trucks," said Todd Copleland, Alyssa's attorney. 

We reached out to the people named in the lawsuit.  The property owner referred us to the people who leased the land and ran the event.  Those people either didn't return our calls or declined to comment. 

No one has filed a response yet to the suit.