Woman says victory over cancer nothing short of a miracle

This story begins and ends at a modest home in Leesburg, where two prominent doctors say a miracle happened.

Leesburg Oncologist Dr. Tavlo Reyes says, "I would absolutely categorize this as a miracle. You can't call it anything else." Miracle is a rarely-used word in the medical profession, and he's talking about the sudden and complete absence of cancer in 79-year-old Maureen Berry's body.

Maureen says, "In February of this year, I was diagnosed with advanced renal cancer, stage four. And it had metastasized, spread to my scapula and other bones." Doctors soon determined removal of the kidney was necessary, but said there was no real cure for the cancer in the bone.

Maureen says her prognosis was less than a year to live. "When I found that out, I never lost hope. I have faith enough to believe that wouldn't happen." And a few weeks ago, she received the stunning news she is now cancer-free.

Maureen and her husband remember the moment they got their second run at a future together. "Of course we were joyful, but I expected it to happen." Her husband says he prayed for her 10 to 20 times a day. He says, "The Lord's Prayer says 'Our Father,' so I can talk to Him, and He listened!"

Al and Maureen have a strong faith in God. Maureen's a retired pastor. Their church prayed, their son's wife in Houston requested prayers on Facebook, their 1000-member congregation prayed, people around the country prayed, and the impossible happened: cancer to no cancer. Maureen says it's because of God.

"I made it my business to tell people, because God has no favorites. What He did for me,  He can do for others as well."