Woman rescued from car in pond speaks

A mother of two, whose car was hit be an alleged drunk driver and sent into pond over, is speaking out about the crash, as well as her injuries.  

"It felt like a street sweeper swept me off the road."

Vanessa Wardia is in terrible pain, after troopers say a drunk driver slammed into her Mazda as she was stopped at the  light off of Alafaya Trail. 

"I just felt my car being plowed across the road, heading towards water.  I was slamming on the breaks my car wouldn't stop. Nothing my car just kept going across the road.  Nothing, my car just kept skidding, going across the road and went into the water."

The 38-year-old woman had just left her job at Wendy's and was heading home. "I remember screaming, I couldn't swim, I couldn't swim and then this guy just came out of no where."

"I moved her bumper out of the way I opened the car door and she was pinned in," explained Troy Thomas, who happened to be walking by with a friend when he heard Vanessa screaming.

Vanessa says, "My car was starting to fill up on the passenger side with a lot of water and he was like don't worry, we'll get you out, we'll get you out. And I'm like dude, I'm a lot bigger than you."

Vanessa says Troy kept her head out of the water, as they waited for paramedics."He was definitely a blessing in disguise that night, because I didn't see anyone walking around the sidewalks anywhere. And then all of a sudden this happens and there he is."

They both admit, that there was something else on their minds, as they waited for help in the water. Troy says, "I'm an Ohio boy so all I hear about is gators in Florida, so I'm kind of looking around in the water, hoping I don't get bit." Vanessa says, "That was my mind as soon as I was going into the water. I'm from Kentucky, I understand this. Ha ha ha. I don't go messing around in the water in Waterford Lakes."

The Florida Highway Patrol says 20-year-old Alexander Chiaravalle was charged with DUI and careless driving. Troopers say he broke the law, because he refused a breath test.  So they suspended his license.

"I'm angry because my life has been screwed up, altered for a moment and that messes with my kids.
I know this numbness and tingling in my left leg is not normal. Nor can I go back to work like this, hope to get better quickly."