Woman may pay price for rescuing ducklings

A woman rescued ducklings but her good deed could cost her. 

They may be ducklings, but they’re certainly not ugly. 

“it’s going to be hard to let them go.”

Dawn Amble stepped in as a mom to these 15 ducklings after she found them with their dead mother duck. The mother was killed after she was run over by a car in Saint Cloud.

“The little babies were trying to huddle her in the middle of the road and I couldn't just go on to the UPS store. I had to stop,” said Dawn Amble, of Saint Cloud.

Dawn says she found the ducklings right here near this busy road, and she just couldn't bear to leave them here. 

“They wouldn't have survived a hawk, an alligator, something, more cars.”

So this is where she’s kept them for four weeks. No one would take the ducklings since they’re Muscovy ducks, an invasive species. 

But the honeymoon period is now almost over. She says code enforcement stopped by this week, telling her to get rid of them in ten days or be fined. She says she never planned to keep them long-term and is bringing them to a friend. 

“She has a huge pond and a fenced in yard. It's very nice. And they'll be a lot safer than just putting them down at the lake,” said Amble.

But she has no regrets. She didn’t care that they’re an invasive species. They certainly weren’t invasive to her.

“if you're a mother, you can't leave baby anything on its own. you just can't do that.”