Woman jumps into action to help truck driver suffering medical emergency

A video circulating on social media shows a man and woman trying to help a truck driver who appeared to be having a medical issue while behind the wheel. 

The 18-wheeler is seen rolling through an intersection. It happened at the intersection of Rinehart Road and H.E. Thomas Jr. Pkwy. Friday morning. FOX 35’s Kelsie Cairns spoke to the woman seen in the video trying to help the driver.

"The lights of the vehicle weren't working right, and I could see that he was violently shaking," said Kat Stout.

She said she was driving home from dropping her kids off at school when she saw the truck approaching her.


"A gentleman had gotten out of the car and was on the semi, and looking around asking for help, and so I just got out of my car," she said.

The woman is then seen running through traffic, heading toward the truck. 

She said, "He was clearly unresponsive, had a medical emergency, so I just started banging on the window to try and say, 'Sir! Sir! Let's wake up!'"

FOX 35 confirmed that Seminole County Fire Rescue and Lake Mary Fire Rescue responded to the scene Friday morning.

"The whole day was emotional for me because I was really worried about the guy, and I don't even know if he's ok," Stout said.

FOX 35 is working to get an update on the man who suffered that medical episode.