Woman in nursing home finally reunited with loved ones

It was a ray of sunshine when 88-year-old Fern Watson was finally able to be visited by her daughter and son-in-law.

She has friends at her nursing home, but COVID-19 has kept her and thousands of others across the state socially isolated semingly forever.

When asked  what is was it like during that time period when people couldn't visit, she replied, "Very lonesome."

She was grateful to finally be able to leave her room and see loved ones, with restrictions.

"I was happy I was gonna get to see them but I can't touch them," she said.

No touching, no hugging, and everyone must stay six feet apart, while wearig a mask. Before you can even have a seat, you have to do your screening and take your temperature

Before a nursing home can allow visitation, two weeks must have passed since its last case of COVID-19.  Even with all the precautions, Deena Watson came here cautiously.

"I'm a little hesitant, because I  don't want to bring anything in," she said.