Woman burned, car "intentionally" set on fire in Florida

A DeLand woman is in the hospital, clinging to life after escaping her burning car. 

Police say 39-year-old Tracy Adams suffered what they call "major burns."

“She was taken by helicopter to Orlando Regional Medical Center, and she remains in critical condition this morning,” said Chris Graham, Deland Police Spokesman.

They said a man poured gasoline, or something similar, over her car and set it on fire while she was inside. They said she managed to get out of the car as it burned, and ran into the bathroom of her nearby home.

“She was burned very, very badly,” Graham said.

They say her face was burned and bleeding and her clothes were on fire. The fire was so big it even damaged the roof of her house. Police say Adams was screaming that someone was there to kill her. Cops say they're searching for that man.

“It's our commitment that we're going to find this guy,” Graham said, “and bring him to justice.”

The State Fire Marshal's Office is helping with the investigation. Police say they don't know yet why the woman was so brutally attacked.