Woman arrested for abusing her elderly in-laws, she would make them beg for food and water

A woman was arrested after abusing her elderly in-laws by denying them food, making them beg for food and water, and cutting them with a knife. 

The Melbourne Police Department says that 38-year-old Umme Ferdousy committed aggravated abuse on elderly person, aggravated battery on a person over the age of 65-years-old (with a knife), and battery on a person over the age of 65-years-old. 

They went on to say that Umme deprived her mother-in-law and father-in-law of food and water on multiple occasions, causing medical treatment for malnourishment. She also maliciously punished her mother-in-law by making her beg for food and water, to which she would still deny her and state that this is how you would live in Bangladesh. Umme would even purposely not make enough food for her in-laws so that they were unable to eat.

The report goes on, as police say that the female victim said that Umme would cut her with a knife on the right arm when attempting to gain access to food. She would also be prevented from actually obtaining any food. An officer does reportedly confirm a laceration to the victim's right forearm. 

Police went on to report that Umme's husband saw her physically grab his mother's arm and cause bruises and scratches. 

Umme has been turned over the Brevard County Jail without further incident, police say.