Woman arrested, accused of hitting dog walker with flashlight

A Brevard County woman was arrested, accused of taking a dog walker's flashlight and using it as a weapon against him.

Palm Bay police say Tabatha  Del Villar was arrested.

They say she aggressively approached the victim, saying his flashlight, that he uses to walk his dog, wakes her up every morning.

Police say she grabbed the flashlight from the man and hit him in his left eye.

Officers say the victim's eye was on the verge of swelling completely closed as first responders treated his injury.

When investigators say they tried to make contact with Del Villar, they say she tried to hide herself in a cat cage in the backyard of her home.

Police say they were able to get her to come out of the cage and arrest her.

Palm Bay Hospital emergency room staff say they discovered a scratch on the victim's eye, which could cause vision loss.