Woman arrested, accused of adoption scheme

A mother is in jail after authorities said she promised two different couples they could adopt her baby.

"It's just sad that one family's thinking this baby's ours and another family's thinking the same thing," explained Lyda Longa, Daytona Beach Police spokesperson.

"We were blind sided, shocked. Couldn't believe it," said attorney Brian Kelly. 

Kelly said his clients paid about $15,000 in living expenses to Christine Bay, 33.

"They paid for all her living expenses, up until we discovered that she was also working with another family," Kelly added.  

Police say that other family paid Bay around $4,000, until their attorney got a call from the OBGYN who had already been hired by Kelly to monitor Bay's pregnancy.

Kelly said his clients adopted a baby from Bay a year ago.

"She came back to me pregnant again and wanted to place with the same family, and they were eager to do that, and they were matched with her since early on in the pregnancy."

Now that the baby's been born at the hospital, the Florida Department of Children and Families has stepped in to investigate. Kelly said his clients still want to adopt the baby.

"They are holding out hope that is in fact what happens."