Woman accused of luring men into alleged carjackings

Dondre Amador is a victim of an awful, and embarrassing crime.   He said what he thought was a rendezvous with a woman he met online turned into a violent carjacking.

"Absolutely, I've learned my lesson! To be honest, at the end of the day, I am mad at myself, you know? I think it was a pretty dumb mistake," he said. 

Amador had his stolen car last Wednesday. He says he met a woman through a popular online dating site. He says they met up, and while he was talking to the woman in his car, four men showed up -- one with a gun.

"Two guys come up with a gun threatened me, if i don't give up my car, they will kill me," he said.

He said he watched as his date walked off with the men, like she knew them. South Daytona Police Lieutenant Dan Dietrich said that is exactly what happened. He said the same group tried to carjack a 17-year-old earlier Thursday night.

He said the teenager had a friend drive him to meet up with a girl in South Daytona.

Lt. Dietrich said, "The 17-year-old began to fight with the male in the back seat that jumped in there to carjack them. When he did that, the guy with the gun shot twice. Once into the stomach [of the teen] and once into the truck."

The teen ended up having surgery. Doctors said multiple organs were hit, and he's lucky to be alive.

As for Amador, he says, "I was shocked! I was shocked! I had no idea it was gonna happen. At the same time, I should have been expecting it and been aware.So, my reaction is I was shocked but I learned my lesson."