Woman, 73, attacked by hawk while using walker

An Orlando woman says her mother is recovering after a hawk attack near a neighborhood off Apopka Vineland Road.

"It almost looked like a BB shot on my mom and she had blood dripping down," explains Kris Anderson.

It was a vicious attack that still makes her tremble as she talks about her mother, Judy.

"My mom’s 73 and she barely walks, so it’s really scary to have that happen." Kris says her mom was using a walker as she took a stroll along Dillsbury and Cove Lake Drive, when she was attacked by a hawk."She said I just got hit real hard by something."

And she’s not the only one. Other neighbors telling us last week what happened.

"It felt like a brick hit the back of my head, and I got knocked to the ground," says Tanya Vihtelic

She, along with a father and son from another home in the Sand Lake Cove, were also taken by surprise. Gashes were left on their scalps. 

"There maybe 2-3 dozen people that have been attacked," Anderson says, adding she plans to do everything possible to try and protect her mother. "We got my mom a bike helmet!"

Wildlife officers say they are aware of the attacks but can’t remove the hawks, because they are a protected species. However, they can give information to neighbors so they can educate themselves about the birds.

The HOA posted warning signs around the neighborhood. Officers say the hawks nest this time of year, attacking anyone who goes near those nests.

"We can get ahead of it, just like coronavirus and kind of prevent it. If you know it’s out there, you can do something about it," says Anderson.