Winter Springs students get COVID-19 vaccine

On Saturday, the gym at Seminole County's Winter Springs High School was a place students and their families could get the COVID-19 vaccine.

"I did yeah," said student Stella Cohen, "it was so easy."

"I'm tired of the virus and all that stuff," added student Mikey Sinitsyn, "I just want it to be over."

Officials gave out doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Anyone 18 and up could get them, no questions asked. People ages 16 and 17 needed a parent's permission.

"We have a chance to be vaccinated and get the vaccine, so why not?" asked parent Alexey Sinitsyn. "This is better for everybody."

"It's a pandemic and we have a cure for it now," said parent Tracey Kagan, "so let's do it."

The event was by appointment only. It's just one of several vaccine events the county has set up especially for students.

Emergency managers say they have another vaccine event set up for high school and college students Friday and Saturday at Seminole State College.