Winter Garden restaurant using clear dividers to separate tables

Customers here at Little Greek Fresh Grill in Winter Garden have some added protection from COVID-19 after the owner built clear dividers so customers could dine in safely. It resembles a bubble, but it’s more like a shield for customers taking cover from COVID-19.

"I wanted them to feel safe in a safe environment," says owner JP Navarro. 

Navarro says it took him two days to turn clothing racks into restaurant dividers, so customers would want to stay.

"People that did not think they were going to come in and sit down to eat, they actually said I want to sit down."

He says he sanitizes each one, after every dining and wears masks and gloves, so customers wont be afraid to eat in.

Customer Dan Mccarthy says, "It actually does look a lot safer. I thought they were blocking it off but ya I would eat here."

Over at Fresco Cucina Italiana in Dr. Phillips, plenty of people are happy to be back dining in and outside. Manager Achille Scialoia says he’s spacing out tables without any linens to keep everyone safe.

"Seeing faces again is the most magical thing. Seeing smiling people feeling comfortable and that’s what it’s all about."

He says wearing masks and gloves is also a priority.We asked this customer if she was concerned about COVID-19.

Customer Dana Mosseli says, "I have no problem what so ever. It’s amazing just to go back to normal and have nice fresh air."

Back over at Little Greek, JP’s take out is still more popular than dining in, but he’s just happy to see customers coming back either way.

"It is amazing this is what we live for!Just so you know it doesn’t feel claustrophobic in here."

JP says he can move the dividers out of the way if a customer doesn’t want it here.