White County woman gives birth in back of Kia ‘This baby is coming out now!'

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From the smile on Auverin’s face, you can tell she is an adventurous little girl. And why wouldn’t she be, the newborn came into the world in a very unconventional way.

It was 3 a.m. when mother Alaina Whitson has her first contraction. She woke fiancé William Comdrey up to tell him she thought was having Braxton Hicks contractions. But, twenty-five minutes later, her water broke.

The couple knew they wouldn’t have time to make it to the hospital, “We have to pull the car over, we are going to have the baby right here!” William told his pregnant fiancé.

Alaina says the whole thing happened so quickly. “One contraction and her head was out.”

Luckily for Alaina, her fiancé’s sister Tarah Kelley is in school to become a midwife. Even better? She lives right down the road. Tarah had never delivered a baby before, but Alaina says she wasn’t nervous. They had planned on Tarah being right next to the doctor delivering the baby in the hospital anyway.

Of course, they never expected the delivery to happen in the backseat of Alaina’s car.

“It meant a lot to her to have her first delivery be in the family.”

The couple called 9-1-1 for support over the phone and first responders sent an ambulance. But by the time they got to the hospital, little Auverin had already been in this world for 20 minutes.

“She’s definitely famous in the hospital!” Says Alaina.

Alaina, William, and their new baby Auverin were all smiling at home. They are happy to have a healthy baby and an awesome story on top of it.

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