Authorities prepare for expanded vaccine eligibility

COVID-19 vaccine eligibility is expanding in Florida to those 40 and older starting Monday, and everyone 18-plus will be eligible starting April 5.

"It’s exciting! With each expanding group, we view it as a patient protected and helping to return our country back to normalcy," said Kevin Storm, a pharmacist and Regional Director for CVS Health. 

He sees the demand for the vaccines first hand. 

"It has been pretty high but there is appointment availability. I encourage people to continue to check our website," Storm added. 

CVS has been getting larger allotments of the vaccine each week.  Their supply comes directly from the federal government. 

"We are constantly getting more vaccine in," Storm said. 

At CVS Pharmacies, customers wanting vaccines can choose between Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson. 

"When you log onto or go to our mobile app there is an ability to see what vaccine each site is offering so you can look that way," Storm said.

He urges people wanting the vaccine to check their website or mobile app daily.  

The Florida Department of Health sites in local Central Florida counties are worried about a supply and demand issue. 

"With all the eligibility requirement changes, it gives the perception that there’s more vaccines available. That’s simply not the case," said Don Walker, Brevard County Emergency Management’s Communications Director. 

Brevard County has been receiving 3,500 shots a week for the last three weeks, Volusia County 4,000 shots, Seminole County 7,000 shots.  That’s what spokespersons say is slated for next week too.  Each says their biggest challenge is the amount of vaccines has not been increasing.  

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For those registering in Seminole County, Steve Lerner, Senior Planner for Seminole County Emergency Management has a tip. 

"On Tuesday at 10 we release our appointments for the next week and then continue to refresh as often as needed to check for those cancellations," Lerner said. 


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