What's considered 'essential business' during pandemic might surprise you

The stay-at-home order is now officially in effect in Orange and Osceola counties. 

The order is a bit confusing for some on what essential business is, so FOX 35 News talked to attorney and legal analyst Whitney Boan.  

“I believe there is an intent to minimize people traveling about and going to their work if it’s not something that maintains the infrastructure of our society and our government as well,” Boan said. 

That’s why you’re being asked to stay home, unless you’re going to the pharmacy, a medical marijuana dispensary, grocery store or out to pick up take-out for your family. 

 “The intent is you go directly to the grocery store and you go home…same with getting take-out food from restaurants,” Boan said.

Gyms are closed, but you can exercise outside as long as you social distance.  Many were surprised to find golf courses open Friday -- FOX 35 News found many local ones, like Dubsdread in College Park, packed. 

“I think the possible theory behind maintaining a golf courses being open is there’s not really a need in golf courses of being right on top of each other. You would be to maintain a social distance. You would be able to maintain groups of less than 10 so you’d be in compliance with the dictates we’re received from the CDC and our president from Governor DeSantis as well as the local order put in place,” Boan said.

You’ll see contractors at work, construction continuing.  Social distancing is easy for them.  People can’t go to beauty salons or barbers, but dogs can still go to the groomers. 

“It does seem a little bit ironic,” Boan said. 

Gun stores are open, so are car and motorcycle dealerships.  Here’s another interesting one: you can take your boat in to get fixed, you can even buy a boat.  However, the county closed all public boat ramps earlier this week.  

“It certainly does seem that being able to buy a boat is not that helpful to anyone who wants to use our lakes if they don’t live on them,” Boan said.