What will dining out be like after reopening? Orange County discusses mandates, guidelines for restaurants

When restaurants reopen in Orange County, they may have to include hand sanitizer at every table, tables six-feet apart, and face masks on every employee. 

On Tuesday afternoon, the Orange County Economic Task Force met to discuss the county's reopening plans. They discussed a range of topics, including phased reopenings of restaurants, theme parks, hairdressers, and more. 

When discussing the restaurant portion of the phased reopenings, they highlighted several guidelines and mandates for restaurants to follow when reopening.

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For example, restaurants are could be given the following guidelines:

  • Use paper or disposable menus.
  • Encourage takeout and online orders.
  • Have touchless sanitizer at the restaurant's entrance.  

The following then could be mandated for restaurants: 

  • Hand sanitizer at restaurant entrances must be in plain visible sight. There also must be hand sanitizer at every table.
  • Seated tables must be six-feet apart.
  • All employees must wear facemasks and have their temperature checked prior to their shift. Those with flu-like symptoms are advised to stay home. In addition, all staff behind counters must wear gloves except for bartenders, who must sanitize hands after making each drink order.
  • Doors must be wiped regularly.

The reopening of restaurants will have at least two phases. In phase one, it would be mandated that capacity is limited to 50 percent. Staff who are 65 years of age or older would be encouraged to stay home as well. Then, in phase two, capacity could increase to 75 percent. Those 65 or older are still encouraged to stay home during this phase.

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To see more about Orange County's plan to reopening the county and its economy, watch the full Economic Task Force meeting below.

Meanwhile, Governor Ron DeSantis is expected to talk about his plan to re-open Florida and its economy on Wednesday. He said previously that phase one will be a "small step" and will be done in a "very measured, thoughtful, data-driven way."


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