Westbound I-4 exit at Colonial Drive shifts from right to left side of road

The Florida Department of Transportation reports 12,000 drivers a day use the westbound Interstate 4 Colonial Drive exit in Downtown Orlando.  Those drivers will have to exit much earlier.  

“It has been a nightmare,” said Elizabeth Hollingsworth, I-4 driver.

Drivers are frustrated to hear of another exit change.

“Sounds just like I-4, so at least they are staying consistent,” said Max Babb, I-4 driver.

The busy Colonial exit from westbound I-4 has moved. Drivers will have to exit almost a mile earlier and from the inside lane.

“Crews need to get in and construct the westbound exit to SR-50 and finish working on westbound lanes through the Downtown area,” said David Parks, Public Information Officer, I-4 Ultimate Project.

Here’s what drivers will need to do: Get in the left lane after passing Princeton, the exit will take drivers under the highway to a traffic light at Ivanhoe, continue onto Legion, which turns into Orange, then take Orange to Colonial. 

“It just changes every day, you never know what exits are going to be open or closed, so ugh, it’s a bit grueling but it gets me to work so, gotta use it,” said Babb.

“I would love for it to be smoother, I would love to know what to expect when I’m driving, so that I have advanced notice so that it’s not a last-minute panic,” said Hollingsworth.

I-4 Ultimate representatives say they’re doing what they can to ensure a smooth transition, as possible.

“We’ve got a number of signs that are already out there today, letting drivers know that this change is coming, we’ve already made adjustments to traffic signal timing on the surface streets, in the Downtown area, we’re making the change over the weekend, so drivers have a little time to adjust to this change,” said Parks.

“Gotta keep your eyes on the road and make sure you’re not getting into crashes,” said Babb.

That’s the key, pay extra attention as everyone gets familiar with this change. The temporary exit is expected to be in place for a year.