WATCH: The moment a mom tells her son, 7, he finally beat cancer

Courtesy Casi Morris/YouTube “Ben Beats Cancer”

A huge development for a family is caught on video. It’s the moment a mother told her 7-year-old son he beat the cancer he’d been fighting for more than half his life!

Grateful mom Casi Morris posted the video from her cell phone.

First, she faces the camera, saying, “I just got results back from our oncologist's office and from his bone marrow aspiration that we did, which is a biopsy, and it came back totally negative for leukemia and so Benjamin is cancer-free."

Then, she tells him.

According to the family’s Facebook page, Ben was just 3 when his mom noticed he was losing weight. His doctor ran tests but it would take another arduous, frustrating 16 days to finally get the diagnosis: Pre-B Acute Lymphoblast Leukemia. He underwent more than a thousand days of treatment until this happy ending.