WATCH: Teens reel in shark on Ventnor City Beach

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A FOX 29 viewer captured video of two teenage boys reeling in quite the catch on a South Jersey beach.

Hannah Kenny shot video of the two boys as that reeled in a shark on the shore Ventnor City beach.

Hannah tells FOX 29 the boys were on the pier when they hooked the shark  a few hundred feet off shore, and worked their way down to the beach during what turned out to be an hour long battle with the shark.

 The boys took turns over that hour trying to reel a shark that was nearly the size of them.

Hannah says that the lifeguards made an exception to the typical rule that bars fishing on the beach, so that the boys could safely catch and release the shark without harm.

The video showed a large crowd that had gathered to watch the boys reel in their catch.

Hannah says this was her first time at the Jersey Shore, having just moved to the area from Colorado, and it was quite an eventful first experience.