Watch: Life-sized raptor terrifies kid at Universal Orlando in Florida

Who wouldn't want to meet a dinosaur in real life? A nine-year-old boy seemed excited enough to meet one of the raptors at the Raptor Encounter at Universal's Island of Adventure in Orlando, Florida. But, that excitement quickly turned to terror after the lifelike raptor showed its teeth. Of course, the moment was recorded on video.

Mom Hannah Cason posted the hilarious moment on her TikTok account – where it understandably went viral. At last check, the video has over 4,000 comments, 22,000 shares, and more than 500,000 likes. 

Cason told Storyful that she took her son, Eli, and his younger sister, Carolina, 7, to Universal in early December.

The video starts with the Cason family standing in front of the raptor encounter – each smiling and laughing -- as a guide shares some info on the dinosaur approaching behind them. Second later, mom turns Eli around to see the raptor, who viciously snaps its teeth and loudly roars.

Eli screams, falls to the ground, nearly bringing his mom down with him. You can watch the hilarious moment in the video above.

"They were so excited laughing as soon as we were walking away," Cason told Storyful.