WATCH: Hunter spots massive 13-foot alligator roaming through woods

A hunter in Georgia got a huge surprise – literally – when he was out looking for deer and came across a gigantic alligator strolling through the woods!

According to Georgia Outdoor News, the bowhunter spotted the 13-foot alligator stomping through the woods like a dinosaur in Macon County.

"It was just another afternoon in the climbing stand for a bowhunter in Macon County, Georgia. Then he hears something coming, and with anticipation he tightens his grip on his bow. Oh, but it was no deer," Georgia Outdoor News says in the YouTube video description. "Like a scene from Jurassic Park a huge alligator appears, lumbering through the pines before laying down in a corn pile."

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The hunter was reportedly almost a mile from a river or retention pond where the gator likely lived – and it didn't want to go home. 

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Georgia Outdoor News says the massive Jurassic Park-like creature walked toward the hunter's truck instead of the water when it started to get dark outside!

"Made for a hair-raising, careful walk out of the woods in the dark."

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