WATCH: Dog tries unsuccessfully to navigate chair

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He's large and so fluffy and video of his efforts to conquer a chair are being shared across the internet.

"Rocco" is a one-year-old Old English Sheepdog that needs a manbun for his hair in order to see. He and his five-year-old buddy "Whiskey," a Mini Pinscher, have their own Facebook page full of their photos and antics.

But it was Rocco that stole the show this time with his fruitless efforts to climb into a chair via the armrest. (Mobile users watch here.)

"Chairs are dumb. They don't even work right..." the post says.

After a few futile attempts, the gray and white sheepdog takes a rest, hanging on the edge for a minute, before kicking up his legs and giving it another go.

The video has been shared thousands of times and though the video cuts off without an update on whether Rocco ever figured it out, his owner, Erin Einbender, says yes, "He did figure out the chair eventually."

Einbender says walking Rocco is like walking with Beyonce. "Everyone stops us and asks to pet him and take his photo. I finally made him business cards haha," she said. "It looks like I'm walking a panda."

Rocco, whose list of interests includes eating, peeing, pooping, playing, sleeping, even has a place on the cover of Modern Dog Magazine. Einbender, who recently moved to Chicago from Austin, says she hopes to train Rocco to be a therapy dog so she can take him to children's hospitals. "He makes the world a happier place!" she said.